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Technical and Engineering services

-  Troubleshooting and performing advanced repairs in fields of Electronics, hydraulic, mechanics, control and instrumentation and industrial automation.
-  Design and manufacturing parts and items needed for the equipment, factories and industries in order to improve the performance and efficiency and safety of the equipment.
-  Assembly and disassembly of industrial marine and port equipment.
-  15years experience of maintenance and repairmen of strategic equipment in the country’s ports including electrical systems, industrial control and automation, and mechanical and hydraulic engineering by professional and trained experts.
-  Design and implementation Preventive  Maintenance (PM)  systems based on modern tools including CM, OCM, phase frequency analysis, TPM etc. and equipment and industries.
-  Implementation of modificative plans and updating systems in the strategic equipment of ports.
-  Design and manufacture of mechatronics parts in equipment.
-  Design and installation of protective and control systems in the strategic equipment of ports.
-  Reverse engineering and manufacturing of under sanction conditions control, instrumentation and mechatronic systems of equipment.
-  Design and manufacture of test and troubleshooting devices used in maintenance.
-  Consulting in the field of design and engineering of electrical equipment, control and instrumentation and installation of systems.
-  Technical and engineering consult on maintenance, repairs and purchase of equipment.
-  Provide technical and engineering services at VTS (Vessel Traffic Service) of Ports.
-  Providing technical services in the field of installation and implementation of CCTV cameras.
-  Technical support of strategic equipment in ports of the country.
-  Installation, implementation and updating the control systems, speed control and soft start and electrical motors.
-  Maintenance, repairmen, installation and update of intelligent diesel generator systems.

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