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Poya Control Electronic Engineering Company aims to provide technical and engineering services in Electronics, control, Instrumentation and industrial automation by a team of active technical experts in the field of electrical and electronic industry. The company was founded and started its activities in 2005 and today we are proud to have gained valuable experiences in line of our mission in the following areas and with the efforts of our experts we have been able to make a small contribution to improve the level and the quality of the industrial services of the country.

Now, we are honored to get many experiences and valuables qualification in line with our mission in the following areas:
  • 1 Creation and management of the advanced systems for maintenance of the industrial equipment.
  • 2 Troubleshooting and repairing in fields of hydraulic mechanic, electronics, control  ,instrumentation and industrial automation
  • 3 Designing and manufacturing devices and parts needed for port and marine equipmen in order to improve the performance and efficiency and safety of the equipment
  • 4 Supplying industrial parts from domestic/ overseas resources in accordance with international and commercial standards
  • 5 Assembly and disassembly of industrial marine and port equipment

It should be noted that the company, under the strict international sanctions, has succeeded in meeting the requirements of the marine and port industries based on the knowledge and ability of domestic experts and full knowledge of the relevant international markets.

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