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هدف شرکت پویا کنترل

Poya Control Electronic Engineering Company was established in 1384 (~2005) by group of technical experts. It began to work in field of electrical and electronic industry in order to provide technical and engineering services in fields of electronics, control, instrumentation, industrial automation. Furthermore, efforts made by experts and managers cause the company to play effective role in promoting level and quality of Iran’s industrial service. Now, we are honored to get many experiences and valuables qualification in line with our mission in the following areas:

  • To make and strategize modern systems in maintaining equipment;
  • To find and repair faults in hydraulic, mechanic, electronic and control component, instrumentation, and industrial automation;
  • To design and make items and components needed for port and marine equipment in order to improve the performance and to promote efficiency and safety of equipment;
  • To supply industrial items inside and outside of Iran according to international technical and commercial standards;
  • To assembly and disassembly industrial equipment in ports area;

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