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Design and manufacture of closing and holding tachometer winch in LHM equipments

Tachometers are a key tool in the LHM winch system and are used to measure important parameters such as velocity, area and direction of movement of winch wires. Supplying these parts have significant limitations and cost, therefore, the company has taken steps to create the complete equipment inside the country, including the following items :

- Designing and manufacturing of case and mechanics parts and gearboxes: These components have a very precise gearbox with accuracy of 1 to 350 and therefore, in the course of studies on the manufacturers quality of  mechanical components inside the country, companies have been identified for the construction of these sectors and the construction of these sections has taken place.

- Designing and constructing a converter board and hardware palletiser on the tachometers .Other important parts of these components are the palletiser board, which accurately measures  from 1 to 1600 per unit of measurement, and the converter board is fully designed and built. 

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