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Design and manufacture of (protractor) LHM wheel

These instrumentation pieces are designed and manufactured to measure the rotational angle of 25.200 degrees and it  equals to 70 revolutions with an output of 4 to 20 milliamps, and have a very high precision. some of its usage includes longitudinal and angular measurements such as wheel angle measurements in LHM equipment which due to the multiplicity of Axes wheels in each equipment, it is important in terms of accuracy at the measured angle, and therefore due to the urgent need and the impossibility of supplying from  resources and the possibility of complete constructions country and avoiding the export of country’s currency, the company has been designed and manufactured all pieces of these parts, which will be referred  below:

- Investigate the specification and supplying sensors from the manufacturer's resources
- Design and construction of control boards and signal converters
- Design and manufacture of gearbox parts, boxes and shafts, and at the final stage the calibration of the segment for installation in accordance with other wheel sets

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