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Design and manufacture of (The joystick) control sets of the LHM operator

Operator controller are the most essential parts for performing operations with equipment and have a high degree of depreciation in mechanical and electromechanical sections,  due to the impossibility of supplying resources and the very high cost of currency, the company is concerned with reforming the design as well as designing parts of these pieces which will be mentioned below:

- Design and manufacture of hardware and software controller boards
-  Implementation of a corrective design for sensors and the upgrading of software and hardware systems , which reduce the time that the equipment is out of service, reduce costs and a significant increase in the operating availabilityof these components. It should be noted that this correction plan has been taken for most of these components in all ports of Iran.

- manufacture
of a troubleshooting system and computer calibration, which will increase the speed of the troubleshooting system and make the calibration performance of the components very precise.

- Designing and manufacturing of metal and mechanical parts including body,  gear and etc.

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